Howard Stern Unloads On ‘Loser’ Green Day Insult


Howard Stern jokingly called out Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong for referring to Stern’s band as ‘The Dorks’ when the real name is ‘The Losers.’ Billie Joe Armstrong revealed he broke down crying after recording a classic. recapped: Howard said the guys are going to perform the title track from their new album ”Father Of All…” They went into the song after that.

After the song Howard said that was beautiful. Howard asked if it’s hard to perform without a guitar in his hand. Billie Joe said not at all. He said he likes to do that just to sing. Howard said he’s watching Jason perform. He asked how long it would take to perform like that. Jason said he could have Howard up and going n 4 months or so. Howard said that song was just beautiful. Jason said he’s been playing since he was 9.

Howard Stern revealed if Billie Joe Armstrong is going bald a few days ago. Billie Joe asked if Howard had a band called The Dorks or something. Howard said it was The Losers. He joked that how dare he not know his band name.

Howard said it’s amazing that they go bowling to have fun now. He said that’s the orgy of today. He said you used to fuck girls but now it’s bowling. Mike said they still have their balls in their hands. Tre said you can only fit 3 fingers in a bowling ball. Howard said god knows where these fingers have been.

Howard asked Billie Joe if he likes the Prince soundtrack for Batman. Billie Joe said he remembers it being pretty good. Howard said he thinks it was the best work he ever did. Robin said that’s not true. Howard asked Billie Joe about wanting to channel Prince when he did this song. Billie Joe said he didn’t want to sound like himself. He said he wanted to sound different. He said he told their producer not to laugh when he tried this new sound. A Green Day member recently revealed how he went broke.