Howard Stern Reveals If Green Day Singer Is Going Bald


Howard Stern revealed if Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong is losing his hair during an interview this week in Los Angeles. Green Day fighting at a radio performance was recently revealed. recapped: Howard said Billie Joe is in another band that just does covers. Billie Joe said they have friends over to just play covers. Howard asked if they go on the road at all. Mike said you’d have to come to Oakland to see that. Howard asked if this cover band is in clubs or not. Billie Joe said they will come to New York to do it some day. Howard asked what songs they cover. Billie Joe said they cover anything with Dancing With Myself or some Bowie songs. He said they cover Suffragette City. Howard said that riff gets him. They played that riff for Howard.

Howard said this is a great way to end their trip. He said they’re going to perform ”American Idiot” for them. Howard had the guys go right into the song. Green Day made a stunning ‘last album’ announcement a couple of days ago.

After the song Howard said that was great. He said it looks like so much fun. He sake if it’s hard to do at this time of morning. Billie Joe said a little bit. Howard said he sounded great. Howard said Tre is so great too. He asked him to do the break in the song a little bit. Tre did it for him. Howard said they’re so great live. He said they must be aware of how they stand when they’re playing. He said it’s so god damn macho.

Howard said he was thinking about how they have their hair. He said it’s so great. Howard said he thanks god that he has his hair. He said just imagine what he’d look like without hair. The guys laughed. Billie said he has a giant head himself. Billie Joe Armstrong recently revealed why his family went broke.