Slash Reveals If Axl Rose Is ‘Unprofessional’ Diva


Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash in the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, looked back upon his musical journey with the legendary band. He also addressed his return to the band in 2016 and spoke about bandmate Axl Rose. Slash was previously photographed at Disneyland like Billy Corgan.

Slash opens up on Axl Rose

Addressing his return to the band in 2016, Slash admits that he “didn’t really have any expectations”, but recalls the reunited band’s headline appearances at the Coachella festival as “a magical kind of thing… an overwhelmingly positive experience.”

There has a been bitter relationship between the two members. However, that was earlier as revealed by Slash. But, he went on to disclose how Rose has turned into a ‘professional’
over the period of time. “When we got together, Axl and I really got over this major sort of hump of negativity that we’ve been carrying around for years and years,” he says.

“It was a real simple, relatively short conversation that we had… In all these years that we’ve been apart, he’s become super-f***ing professional. And he’s never missed a beat during this whole time. So it’s been great. There has been a sort of synergy that’s been happening this last six years that we never had in our first incarnation.“

Near the end of 2015, several days after a Guns N’ Roses-related teaser was released to movie theaters, Billboard reported that Slash would rejoin the band to headline Coachella 2016. It was noted that he would be filling the lead guitarist spot vacated when DJ Ashba left the band.

Guns N’ Roses were officially announced as headliners of Coachella on January 4, 2016, with KROQ reporting Slash and Duff McKagan would rejoin the band. Slash performed with Guns N’ Roses for the first time in 23 years during the band’s secret warmup gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on April 1, 2016 and then the band went on the Not in This Lifetime… Tour.