James Hetfield Metallica ‘Freak Out’ Before Rehab Revealed


The gutiar technician for Metallica frontman James Hetfield, Chad Z recently gave an interview to the YouTube channel Metalupyourpodcast in which the interviewer of the show and Chad Z recall a time in which the Metallica frontman kicked his guitar during a show in St. Louis, Missouri. Alternative Nation transcribed the comments below. James Hetfield recently cryptically quit social media.

This Metallica icon newly revealed if James Hetfield used drugs. Chad Z: “Yeah, I mean the last thing you want to do is let your band down or let your guy down.”

Interviewer: Sure.

Chad Z: The worst part is you feel for them because they’re standing out there in front of, you know, everybody, the entire world basically. You don’t want to see them have any sort of problem. They are just hanging out there like laundry blowing in the wind and it’s not much that you can do sometimes but you don’t ever want to see that. It sucks, it just makes your heart sink, you want to be pro and you want every show to go perfectly but it’s the real world and these things are going to happen. Jason Newsted recently reacted to a small crowd of Metallica fans at a concert.

Interviewer: Absolutely.

Chad Z: You know, and you’re going to be mad and there have been a couple of times where James [Hetfield] has been really mad at whatever and he knows how to get over it fortunately and things happen.

Interviewer: I’m thinking specifically about a show that I was actually front row at in St. Louis where he kicked his guitar. Do you recall this?

Chad Z: When he kicked the acoustic over?

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah.

Chad Z: Yeah.