Ringo Starr Reveals Who Really Quit The Beatles


The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr discussed the fiftieth anniversary of the group’s eleventh studio album, Abbey Road and the song that Starr wrote on the album entitled Octopus’ Garden which was written when he left The Beatles temporarily in a new interview. Ringo Starr revealed what almost killed Paul McCartney recently.

Starr told The New York Post the following.

“I’d left the band because it was too crazy and too tense. I just said, “I’m going,” and I got Maureen — my wife at the time, God rest her soul — and the kids, and we went to Sardinia [Italy]. And it just happened: While I’m there, Peter Sellers had his boat there, and so we went out for a day on his boat. I was just hanging out talking to the captain, and he was telling me that octopuses go ’round the ocean finding shiny stones and things to put around their cave entrance. So it’s like their garden. And at the time, thanks to marijuana, it seemed like the best idea I’d ever heard!”

Fans of The Beatles discussed the theory of a user who proposed if The Beatles kept going, Ringo would’ve eventually come out on top as the best songwriter of the whole band in a recent topic on the band’s subreddit.

The_Chillosopher got the conversation going by stating: “Just think about it: George’s first song he wrote was a cringe 3/10 disaster, and just 6 years later he’s writing with the best of them, equalling Lennon/McCartney. Conversely, Ringo’s first song he wrote with the band was already a solid 6/10 right out of the gate and right after that, he wrote Octopus Garden, a fabulous 8.5/10 song and one of the best on Abbey Road.

I firmly believe if The Beatles kept going for 3-4 more years, Ringo would’ve gotten better and better from training with them and then putting out 11/10 masterpieces that would’ve put the rest of the boys to shame.”

Ringo Starr revealed if Bob Dylan is a liar a couple of days ago. Stereolab0000 replied by saying: “Well, he’s had fifty years now to hone his chops. I love Ringo and he’s a brilliant drummer along with his other talents but to say he’d reach and surpass Lennon/McCartney heights. Even he would say ridiculous.”

Rocket_Admin_Patrick put: “The problem with this analogy is that George failed to maintain that level of songwriting after Abbey Road and ATMP. Even in the incredibly unlikely event that what you said actually happened, Ringo never would’ve maintained that.

In terms of songwriting, I think the consistent quality is valued far more than peak quality. That’s what sets Lennon and McCartney apart from everyone else. Anybody can write one or two hit songs (we even created the term “one-hit wonder” for this reason), nobody can match Lennon and McCartney in terms of longevity.” Ringo Starr reveals how John Lennon made him cry.