Paul McCartney Drops 2020 Retirement Bombshell


The Walrus himself, Sir Paul McCartney, was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s Sarah Montague. When Montague took McCartney to task over Coldplay’s recent decision to mercifully stop touring due to their awareness of the band’s own “carbon footprint”, McCartney reassured Sarah that he has no plans to do the same. Paul McCarney ‘refuses’ listening to John Lennon songs.

“I am aware of [his carbon footprint], and you do your best. But, it is very difficult if you’re going to tour. I AM going to go on tour in America. You can’t say… ‘we’ll go by Greyhound Bus,’ because that’s just as bad! We certainly can’t just bike our way around. It’s a reality, you just have to do it, and plant a lot of trees… that’s kind of how I offset it, is by doing things that will make up for it. If I tour, that’s going to involve travel, which is going to involve a carbon footprint.”

McCartney has taken part in plenty of social and environmental activism in the past. He is a staunch vegetarian, as has taken part in the anti-landmine foundation Adopt-A-Minefield and Artists Against Fracking. Paul McCartney Brutally Rips John Lennon Family.

In other Paul McCartney news, fans recently took to social media to discuss the long-lasting legacy of one of McCartney’s most beloved live albums – Amobea Gig.

One fan proclaimed: “Never having heard the album, or even knew of the existence of the recording, I ordered on a whim thinking the tracklisting looked pretty good. I am blown away by the performance – sounds like Paul and his band was having a ball. Small venue, an appreciative crowd of under a thousand according to liner notes, and Paul’s personality coming through front and center. This is one fun listen – highly recommended to anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Paul and the Beatles. And the recording of this gig is top-notch to my ear. I like live recordings as there is most often an energy that is often muted in-studio sessions. No shortage of energy here.” Paul McCartney horrible beard photo revealed by wife.

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    John Lennon was The Walrus.

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