Metallica Bassist Savagely Calls Out Jason Newsted


One time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney gave a ‘savage’ amount of praise to Jason Newsted after responding to a superfan on Twitter who posted a picture of the metal god. McGovney wrote: “I like Jason. Always very cool to me. Great bass player too.” Metallica reveal if Jason Newsted is ‘really sick’.

In other news revolving Metallica and Jason Newsted, Metallica recently took to their official Facebook page to discuss the major strives they have made with their charity entitled ‘Metallica Scholars’ The account wrote: “Following a stellar inaugural year with results including 95% job placement rates, the Metallica Scholars Initiative has confirmed a second year of its support of community colleges. Year two will expand from 10 to 15 schools and incorporate matching grants from new partners, supplementing the All Within My Hands Foundation’s cumulative $1.5 million contribution to career and technical education programs.”

Metallica revealed why they ‘abandoned’ Jason Newsted. Fans reacted in droves to this monumental news. Victor put: “Great news. Lots of kids out there with tons of talent but not the resources will be super happy about this. Now I know I’m in Canada but I will continue supporting you guys with this great foundation.” While Aulin stated: ” Not only does Metallica help with employment and learning opportunities, they’re great to listen to while working!

A Metallica icon called out this ‘Cheater’ for big-name affair recently. Fellow superfan Damion mused: “I only wish that they could really help me out. I play guitar and that’s all I am good with but I need someone to coach my lessons and help me with mixing classical and metal together the right way.” Whereas Chris proclaimed: “I love everything that you do for the kids, and the communities around you. You are an inspiration to all of us to do better. So proud to be a lifelong fan.”

You can read more about the Metallica Scholars program by clicking HERE.