Metallica Bassist Retires, Is Jason Newsted Back?


Could it be a Jason Newsted comeback? Well, at least one other acclaimed bassist fans of one-time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney, especially those who wished to hear him play again had their hopes and dreams dashed and stepped on as McGovney answered a Metallica superfan on Twitter by the name of fastfingers4. The user wanted to know the chances of potentially see the acclaimed former bassist for Metallica play again when he Twitted out: “I see Dave in there [That photo]. Do you still play I hope? To Which McGovney very clearly responded by with a solid: “No.” Metallica bassist unloads on Jason Newsted ‘replacing’ him.

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to the official Metallica facebook page to eulogize, pay tribute and wish a very happy birthday to Metallica icon, Cliff Burton who sadly passed away in 1986. Matthew stated: “Cliff, you are the greatest! The original bass shredder! All these years gone by and your music and impact have never faded. Thank you Cliff, may your memory and music live on forever. Hero’s are forgotten, but legends live forever.”

Metallica bassist savagely calls out Jason Newsted. While Richard wrote: “Always in our heart, always in our mind and the music always in our ear! I read a lot of magazines since 1986 or so, but I never, ever read one bad word about Cliff (not even from Dave Mustaine or Kerry King) and this says a lot about him.”

Other fellow Metallica super fans weighed in as well. Ed replied: “He’s that “Some kind of Monsters” that inspired my way – sometimes in good, sometimes in different ways. I hope ya have a good one in heaven, bud. With Lemmy, Malcolm, David and the rest of the “Heaven explorers”. Metallica reveal if Jason Newsted is ‘really sick’.