Jimmy Page Brutally Attacked By Police Officers


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page discussed having the band’s show brutally attacked by police in a new social media post. Page recently revealed a Led Zeppelin reunion photo of the surviving members of the band.

“On this day in 1971, I played with Led Zeppelin in the Velodrome in Milan but only managed a few numbers before the police let loose with a salvo of teargas that flooded the audience and band. It was clearly a premeditated operation; we lost some equipment that night and also the enthusiasm to play in Italy again.”

Page revealed how he got his famous Fender Telecaster guitar in a new Music Radar interview.

“The manager of The Yardbirds had actually asked me to join when Eric [Clapton] left. I said, ‘Well, I know somebody who’d be really good for this and it’s Jeff Beck.’ So, he went in there. I gave him the fuzzbox I was using in the studio when he joined, and, of course, he went in there and did some amazing work. I’m still living with my parents at the time in Epsom. And I hear this sort of car roar up and I thought, ‘What’s that?’

I didn’t know it was a car, I just heard this thing roaring up. I looked out the window and I saw that it was a blue Corvette Stingray outside. It’s Jeff. And Jeff’s coming out and he’s holding this guitar. He knocks on the door and he said, ‘Here, this is yours,’ and he gave me the Telecaster that he’d been using, and said, ‘This is yours for getting me in The Yardbirds.’ Obviously, I was really moved with that.”

He also said about his musical upbringing, “I had to sort of deal with my dad as things went on with the guitar playing. He said, ‘I won’t get in the way of that, you know, just as long as you keep up your academic studies.’ When I left school, I left school to join a group. But I started to get a bit disillusioned with it all and I went to art college.

The curious thing is that while I’m in art college, I’m still playing in a rhythm and blues club – which was basically a blues club, called the Marquee Club, in London – in the interval band. So I didn’t stop playing and I got headhunted from there to play on a record.”