Jimmy Page Girlfriend Makes Awful Money Revelation


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and his girlfriend Scarlett Sabet were recently interviewed, and Scarlett revealed that Jimmy had to pay himself to record the first Led Zeppelin album, as sadly no record label would pay and give the band creative freedom. Rush singer Geddy Lee revealed a Jimmy Page ripoff earlier this week.

SABET: Jimmy was like, “Well, look. The first Led Zeppelin album, I paid for that.”

LACAVA: You produced and paid for it?

PAGE: Yes.

SABET: They had a record. He then took it to record companies. He took it to Atlantic and said, “This is what we’ve got. I’m not releasing singles. Take it or leave it.” He literally said the words, “I didn’t want to go around cap in hand saying, ‘Oh please. We’d like to write some songs.’ It’s better to do it.”

A Led Zeppelin icon ‘size’ claim from a hotel was revealed yesterday. Jimmy Page posted on Instagram on Thursday, “On this day in 2019, I am happy to announce that Catalyst by @scarlettzsabet is released on a special 12-inch etched vinyl via JimmyPage.com.

The spoken word album is a collection of eight poems written and recorded by Scarlett and produced by me. The recordings and mixes were made at Tower House, London, the week of 13th May 2019, using analogue and digital techniques. 🔊Link in bio to buy or stream Catalyst Photography by @scarletpage.”

Led Zeppelin were rejected by a The Rolling Stones icon, according to a new interview. Page also said, “JP and @scarlettzsabet were interviewed in New York last month by @stephanielacava for @interviewmag to talk about Catalyst, the brilliance of the Velvet Underground, and paying to produce your own work. ‘With the production of Scarlett’s work, I wanted to create an individual character for each poem, a sonic landscape to compliment it,’ said Jimmy.” You can read the full interview at Interview Magazine.