Jimmy Page Makes Bold Scarlett Johansson Bedroom Claim


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page called actress Scarlett Johansson ‘luscious’ when describing getting to stay at the hotel where she filmed ‘Lost in Translation’ in a new social media post. Jimmy Page recently admitted to being disrespected on a plane with a big name.

Page posted, “On this day in 2008, I was at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, Japan to promote the Mothership album at a Press Conference. ⁣

“This was the hotel that featured in Sofia Coppola’s remarkable ‘Lost in Translation’ with the luscious Scarlett Johansson.⁣”

PaperVinnie53 recently wrote on Reddit about Led Zeppelin’s Boston Tea Party shows, “Let’s start with a brief synopsis: In late 1968 and early 1969, Led Zeppelin took off to America for their first US Tour. The group was virtually unknown to the vast majority of the US, and those who recognized them just new them as The old yardbird guitarist’s new group. As such, the group at this time was a supporting act for others such as Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge.

As this tour commenced, it soon became very clear to concert attendees and promoters that Led Zeppelin was stealing show after show and constantly showing up the headliners, to the point where at times they wouldn’t even show up. About halfway through this tour, their first album would be released, and their climb to fame had begun.

Among Zeppelin fans, it’s clear that one of the most legendary nights of Zeppelins career was towards the end of this Tour, the group’s final night at the legendary Boston Tea Party.

There’s so much to cover here it’s hard to know where to start. First of all, Jimmy had been quoted as saying that the Tea Party was his favorite place to play in America. This went the same for other famous up and coming and or underground groups at the time such as The Velvet Underground.

On their first tour, Led Zeppelin was scheduled to play Thursday the 23rd through Saturday the 25th. However, due to insanely high demand to see Led Zeppelin, the Tea Party opted to allow the group to play an extra night to meet ticket demands. This, as it is, is basically enough to make these gigs legendary. The Tea Party almost never opened on Sunday’s and adding an additional date for a group was totally unprecedented at the time. This show would become famous for the long attached rumor of a 4 hour show complete with a long set of encores including Beatles, Stones, and Who numbers. On top of this, Steven Tyler attended the show and his given personal accounts, including recalling crying during Dazed and Confused because it was so heavy.

The band didn’t play the Tea Party again until May, when they played from the 27th to the 29th. Experts believe that the 29th was actually the night that included the legendary marathon. Sadly, there are no tapes of any of the shows of the May stint, so this remains legend.” Jimmy Page recently called out Robert Plant for pulling an Axl Rose.