Jimmy Page Offensive Young Women Photos Revealed


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has uploaded censored images from an early Led Zeppelin performance at a club with the Lady Girls, featured an unclothed performance. You can go to Jimmy Page’s Instagram profile to view photos. Jimmy Page’s awful Led Zeppelin contract demands recently leaked.

Page wrote, “On this day in 1968, I played Lolland and Roskilde with Led Zeppelin. This is the second day of the Scandinavian tour, where we were fulfilling some old Yardbirds commitments.

We could explore and finesse our material and the set that had been rehearsed at my home in Pangbourne, England. After the short tour of Scandinavia we were due to go to Olympic Studios in London to record what would be Led Zeppelin I. Roskilde was to emerge as a major festival site and is to this day.”

Jimmy Page also revealed a few days ago what he did with Keith Richards’ girlfriend. worldofzeppelin commented, “Support for the third show, The Lady Birds, a group of [unclothed] singing go-go dancers, in ‘hot pants, white boots and little else.’ 😊”

benjtheo chimed in, “I’m just round the corner from your old haunt in Pangbourne, wish I was old enough be be around the magic at that time.”

lisajj007 wrote, “Loving these daily posts, smart move blocking the [privates] to avoid IG jail. 👍🏻 I’m intrigued, who’s the man in the pic hiding his face? 😂” Robert Plant’s stunning Led Zeppelin reunion demand recently leaked.