Jimmy Page Sad Led Zeppelin ‘Death Bed’ Claim Leaks


Led Zeppelin rehearsed with Myles Kennedy as a possible Robert Plant replacement in 2008, and Kennedy recently told AL.com that he will remember their first rehearsal on his ‘death bed.’ Jimmy Page’s girlfriend recently revealed a stunning backside photo.

“For me ‘The Rain Song’ was a real special moment because that’s probably my favorite Led Zeppelin song, and frankly I kind of had a hard time keeping it together. I’ll never forget when it comes around and John Paul Jones start adding the descending line on the Mellotron, I felt myself really like having to hold back emotion. Because it was heavy. I will probably on my deathbed remember that as one of the top five moments of my musical life. It was really special.”

Jimmy Page being disrespected on a plane was just revealed. He said about writing new music with Led Zeppelin, “It was cool and it was such as trip to hear ideas that had not been shared previously and kind of have the opportunity to throw your melodic concepts over the top of it. That was kind of right up there with getting to play “The Rain Song.” It was something that I’ll never ever, ever forget.”

Jimmy Page recently wrote on his social media, “On this day In 1964, Etta James released the album ‘Rocks The House’, which had been recorded at the New Era Club some five months earlier. ⁣

Her live recording of the Jimmy Reed song ‘Baby What You Want Me To Do’ and her vocals from the intro to the last chords is something that has to be heard and experienced. ⁣Sadly, also on this day, in 2012 the music world lost a legend: RIP, Etta.⁣

On this day in 1996, Page and Plant played in Sao Paulo, headlining the Hollywood Rock Festival. We were performing our Unledded set, featuring the orchestras and Hurdy Gurdy, which was received with typical Brazilian enthusiasm. The Black Crowes also appeared at this festival. The Hollywood Rock series of festivals that had occurred over a number of years was soon to flounder as the sponsors were Hollywood Cigarettes.”

You can read the full Myles Kennedy interview at AL.