Bono Reveals How Much U2 Bandmates Are Paid


Bono revealed how U2 members, The Edge & Larry Mullen Jr made money prior to joining to U2 – that being in their involvement in a country band together called The Drifting Cowboys. Bono sarcastically jabbed that the two members made more money in that group than in U2. The comments come as part of an interview snippet that was taken from the U2 fansite  The comments can be seen below. Bono revealed what he really thinks about Billie Eilish a few days ago.

Bono: “Before U2 Edge and Larry joined a country band: The Drifting Cowboys!”

Larry: “Yeah, we got paid quite more with them than with U2”

Edge: “a lot more, actually: £ 11 and a free drink!”

Adam: “I didn’t pass the audition”

Bono: “Neither did I!”

In other news regarding U2, fans took to social media via the group’s subreddit to debate U2’s 1984 hit ‘A Sort of Homecoming’ and it’s legacy. The Edge discussed if U2 are thinking about retirement in a new interview.

SammyGee32 kicked things off by stating: “A beautiful reflection of their ambition on this album with so much imagery and atmosphere created with the instruments and vocal intonation alone. It’s quite weird too as you don’t really know where it’s going, in that sense it’s a journey (perhaps to the castle on the album cover.)

The user responded: “The vocals are so very Bono in the most spectacular way (‘no spoken words just a screeeeeeaaam, yeaAaaAaaAaaah, yeeeeeeeeeeah, toNiiiiiiiiight”– love it) and I have always loved this line: “See the sky, the burning rain. She will die and live again.” What are your thoughts?”

Forest_Wave replied: “I absolutely agree! Definitely one of my favorite U2 songs and one of their most underrated in my opinion. I also personally think the live rendition doesn’t do the studio version justice, although I’ll concede that Bono’s voice now probably can’t come close to doing what he does on the album! Either way, a remarkable song.” Bono apologized for a terrible U2 album release a few days ago.