John Lennon Awful ‘Mad Drunk’ Video Revealed


John Lennon had his official Twitter account post the following quote. The quote comes from an old interview promoting Lennon’s sixth studio album – Rock N’ Roll. Here, it tells how Lennon ended up as part of a ‘mad drunk’ in scenes he had to finish the album on his own after the relationship with Phil Spector falling apart. John Lennon revealed who Paul McCartney ripped off.

Recording the Rock N’was problematic and spanned an entire year: Phil Spector produced sessions in October 1973 at A&M Studios, and Lennon produced sessions in October 1974 at Record Plant Studios. Lennon was being sued by music executive Morris Levy over copyright infringement of one line in his song “Come Together”. John Lennon’s widow revealed this beach swimsuit photo.

As part of an agreement, Lennon had to include three Levy-owned songs on Rock ‘n’ Roll. Spector disappeared with the session recordings and was subsequently involved in a motor accident, leaving the album’s tracks unrecoverable until the beginning of the Walls and Bridges sessions. With Walls and Bridges coming out first, featuring one Levy-owned song, Levy sued Lennon expecting to see Lennon’s Rock ‘n’ Roll album. You can view the tweet and photo below.  John Lennon lost massive money before his death.

John Lennon
‘It started in’73 with Phil and fell apart. I ended up as part of mad drunk scenes in Los Angeles and I finally finished it off on me own. And there was still problems with it up to the minute it came out. It’s just barmy, there’s a jinx on that album.’