John Lennon Horrible Affair Finally Revealed


Late The Beatles icon John Lennon’s Twitter account recently made a post about an affair he had. Lennon taking an eerie photo with Yoko Ono before awful attacks was revealed yesterday.

Lennon said, “‘Norwegian Wood’ is my song completely. I was trying to be sophisticated in writing about an affair, but in such a smokescreen way that you couldn’t tell.”

Fans pointed out in comments that they believed the song was about Lennon cheating on his first wife Cynthia. A fan named Chris said, “Paul came up with the arson bit, Lennon notes in an interview. When George added sitar the Beatles became masters of ambiance.” pvankuren chimed in, “So Peter Asher claims it was arson and I have always thought it was hashish…so I lit a fire.”

Yoko Ono recently tweeted, “Believe in following your dreams. You can forget about it for awhile, but don’t give up. That’s for your big dream. If it is a small dream, just wash it away in the river of your mind.”

John Lennon revealed if he was really straight. Ono also posted a message of female empowerment, “We women don’t have to push ourselves to do work better, that men have been getting away with doing badly. We will use our #WOMENPOWER to do things differently and for the good of everyone on the planet. And we will.”

She praised great authors in another post, “Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Saiyuuki, Sangokushi, Kafka, Camus, Thomas Mann… I could go on like this… They are all important authors. And I remember them all.”

She also said, “For so many young people music is an important lifeline. I am delighted to have supported the @UMusicUK Sound Foundation for over 20 years and to have seen the positive impact they have made to so many schools and individuals through the power of music.” John Lennon having the meeting that broke up The Beatles was revealed in a photo earlier this week.