KISS Reveal What Michael Jackson Did To Paul Stanley


As previously reported, KISS icon, Bob Kulick, brother of the long-time guitarist for the band Bruce Kulick was none too happy that merchandise bearing the Kulick name was being sold without his consent. We can now report, an update to this story, that while Bob has posted a similar message on his Instagram in which he expresses his discontent, he tagged some truly significant names in the mix of it all.

One such name being Michael Jackson – Michael James Jackson, the acclaimed music producer, and engineer. Michael James Jackson’s past clients include KISS and Jesse Colin Young of “smile on your brother” fame. Paul Stanley brutally threw a guitar at KISS fans recently.

In addition, Kulick took to social media once again via Facebook to unload even more on the subject, responding to a fan who had his skepticism about the story. Kulick responded by saying: “No it’s me, Bob telling the truth. forty-six years, twenty-four songs and no respect from these sorry-ass narcissistic, self-serving, pathetic excuses for human beings. Not like Lemmy, Ronnie [James] Dio, Pat Torpey, Jimmy Bain, Jani lane, Clarence Clemons, Randy Castillo, Ronnie Montrose, Mike Porcaro, Dick Wagner, etc. The real artists that I played with or produced”

KISS fans reacted to Kulick’s post via social media. On the KISSFaq forums, one user named Eiricd who put: “As with so much stuff in KISS-land in recent times; what an undignified turn of events. A shame, as the brothers seemed to be fairly close given they’re both working musicians with hectic schedules. Also, a shame that the Kulick Brothers now must be filed under one-off. It had potential on its correct scale of business.

Paul Stanley recently revealed this horrible threat to quit KISS. Redinthesky stated: “Wow I can’t believe how Bob is ripping apart Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley] even, of course, he’s not mentioning their actual names but it’s really obvious what he’s doing and saying. And calling his brother a ‘pathetic cover band guitarist?’ We all knew the guy was bitter but he’s really becoming unhinged. Vinnie-territory definitely. Forget Kiss/G&P, who is gonna want to work with this guy now?”