Tommy Lee Reveals If He Hates Motley Crue Singer


We recently reported that Motley Crue icon Vince Neil took to social media via Twitter to seemingly shoot down the multiple rumors that there tension between himself and infamous Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. This Motley Crue singer confirmed this terrifying death report.

A Motley Crue member recently revealed what he did to a babysitter. In a follow-up to this story, we can report that Lee seemingly agrees as he retweeted Neil’s original post and hopefully, setting the record straight.

In other news regarding Tommy Lee and Motley Crue, on a recent edition of Brittany Furlan-Lee’s podcast entitled “Worst Firsts”, the incredibly opinioned and talented wife of the Motley Crue bad boy gave her thoughts on life itself and whether or not ghosts exist.

Furlan-Lee would explain on the show and saying the following: “I mean, who even fucking knows dude, this world is weird as shit. Do you want to know what I really think? This [the Earth] is purgatory. Whatever you do on this Earth, and this is why people say “there is no God because if God were real he wouldn’t let this happen to me.” God is not interfering. This is your, man’s free will to do good or bad. This is your test. The better you do after you die, that’s where you go, okay? If you fuck up, it says in the bible, the gates to Heaven are long and narrow whereas the gates to hell are short and wide.”