John Lennon Son Makes ‘Overweight’ Junkie Revelation


When a Beatles fan responded to  John Lennon‘s son – Sean Ono Lennon about if he’s ever looked in the mirror lately, Sean only had one response. “I do from time to time. I’d say I look like if Harry Potter had become an old meth head, only fatter.” John Lennon called The Beatles icon ‘freak’ before shooting.

This exchange came from Lennon originally asking and pondering if Congressman Adam Schiff [D-CA] looks like a certain Dr. Suess character as he wrote. “Does Chairman Schiff look like the Cat in the Hat to you? Am I the only one?”

John Lennon ‘getting hard’ comment finally revealed. Various fans replied to the Twitter spat as one Twitter user said: At a time when so many take themselves so seriously, your sense of humor and humility is extremely refreshing.” With another going, “More like the last Japanese soldier to surrender from WW2 after living in a cave and spearfishing for 20 years on a strangely abundant but uninhabited atoll. It works for you. :-)”

In other matters relating John Lennon, one Beatles superfan took to the subreddit of The Beatles and questioned why Sean Lennon’s father was known on occasion as ‘The troubled Beatle’

One fellow Reddit user replied: “His parents divorced when he was young, he reconnected with his mother who then died when he was 17. He was known to be cruel to women (not just Cynthia, also his previous girlfriends). He abused his son Julian, neglected his first wife Cynthia altogether. He was also known to be very physically violent (i.e. at Paul’s 21st birthday party, he also almost beat a man to death). He never seemed mentally stable, therefore he was labeled “troubled”. Edit: I forgot almost.” John Lennon goes to ‘sleep’ before dying in this eerie photo.