Metallica Singer ‘Erases’ Surprising Jason Newsted Recordings


Surprising Metallica news was uncovered recently as Metallica superfan DeathShotXV took to the subreddit for the group to discuss the songwriting credits of the legendary Metallica bassist in a new topic within the thread. Citing a Metallica YouTuber by the name of Andriy Vasylenko it was then that another user, LightningRider revealed that Newsted actually doesn’t have a writing credit on ‘The Outlaw Torn’, one of the hit-tracks off of the acclaimed sixth studio album ‘Load’.  Metallica icon Jason Newsted disrespected at record store.

Metallica ‘canceled’ album with ex-bassist, is it Jason Newsted? The user stated that James wrote the Load/Reload basslines for the most part (other examples include King Nothing, Devil’s Dance and Until It Sleeps). He also actually played bass on the demos.

In other Metallica and Jason Newsted news, fans recently took to social media to reflect on one of Metallica and Newsted’s most classic albums in the aforementioned ‘Load’. One fan noted: [I’m] not sure why people don’t like this album. I think Load and Reload are absolute masterpieces. If you’re one of those rebels, “Oh, I’m such a mean metalhead rebel” kids that follow the bandwagon “wah! wah! they sold out” then, of course, you won’t like this. I was born in 1982 and grew up with Metallica. I’ve seen it evolve to what it is today, for good or bad. I love Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets (two of my favorite classic Metallica albums), but it wasn’t until the Black Album when their music talent started growing. Load has amazing tracks for people who appreciate good, original, masterfully composed rock. Tracks like “Bleeding Me,” and “The Outlaw Torn” are worth opening your ears for. Amazing work by my all-time favorite band.”

Jason Newsted revealed if Metallica hate Gene Simmons. While another fan wrote: “When I first heard this album I was used to the old thrash Metallica. However, I needed to give this album a try. So I bought it and I must admit this is a gem. It’s good because now I’m more into soft paced music or more melodic if that fits better. Listening to the song Bleeding Me and Outlaw Torn was the reason I purchased this album and my oh my it’s fantastic. Everybody who likes Metallica should try this album. It’s more bluesy and melodic. Just like the type of music I’m listening at the moment.”