David Gilmour Announces Pink Floyd Death In Sad Video


During the most recent episode of the Pink Floyd podcast ‘The Lost Art of Conversation: A Pink Floyd Podcast, one Pink Floyd photographer discussed the process of selecting the vinyl packaging for their box set: “The Later Years: Pink Floyd 1987 to 2019”. David Gilmour ‘freak out’ when Roger Waters quit Pink Floyd leaks.

During this clip which stands as part four of the Pink Floyd video series, ‘Pink Floyd’s The Later Years Revealed.’, Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour discusses a version of ‘Arnold Layne’ that the group did during a Syd Barrett tribute show did at the Barbican in London, England. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Pink Floyd recently reveal David Gilmour demand before death.

David Gilmour: Yes, one of the seven-inch singles is a version of Arnold Layne that we did. Nick [Mason], Rick [Wright] and one or two other people at the Barbican after Syd [Barrett] died in 2006. It was a tribute evening and it was great.

Gilmour continues

Gilmour: I lived through seven-inch singles when I was a child, actually ten-inch ones originally. Which were seventy-eights and the very first single that I think I got was ‘Rock Around The Clock’ on a seventy-eight – which got broken by somebody sitting on it.

This Pink Floyd icon ‘threatens’ bandmate after a mistake at show. In addition, during this same feature, an unnamed Pink Floyd artist helped described the process of making the singles cover for ‘Arnold Layne’ which has a very suggestive meaning behind it. The artist said “So part of the package, there’s been a couple of singles that have been released and one is Arnold Layne. We wanted a fresh image on that, you know, it’s not something from the past. So I very simply created an image which was washing on a washing line. You know when you listen to the lyrics of Arnold Layne which is about a deviant who steals women’s underwear from Back Gardens, you know I wanted something that was very simple and didn’t dwell on that subject but had that kind of essence to it. It’s just a graphic picture – it’s nothing complicated and we made use of the bowler hat and the bowler hat, of course, comes from the video that was released way back.”