Josh Homme Wife Reveals Emotional Photos Before Separation


Josh Homme, the Queens of the Stone Age’s frontman now-separated wife, Brody Dalle took to social media via Instagram to post these series of pictures, the last she posted of Josh before news of the couples separation leaked a few days ago. These photos are of Homme’s children and of the various memories they shared together prior to the most recent announcement of Homme and Dalle’s formal separation. Dave Grohl cancelled this major release with Josh Homme.

Dalle wrote on Instagram: “A good Dad is everything. Best Dad Ever. Happy Father’s day all you great Dad’s out there, remember how critically important you are to your children. The couple formally announced their separation on Friday, November 15th. Brody’s fans responded to the series of photos en masse via Instagram.

Zakshaffer said: “Legit awesome dad! Whenever he came in to read to the kids back in K-F, they didn’t want him to leave.” Josh Homme broke his silence on kicking a female photographer the other day.

Charlesxclive put: “Joshua baby duck Homme, dude I can’t believe I grew up listening to ‘The Distillers’ then all the bands Joshua is in and see him do a tribute of his wife’s songs (the queen bee), you guys have been the soundtrack to my entire life! I love both of you!”

City.of.night2106 replied: “I had a huge crush on Josh growing up. I wrote terrible fan fiction about him before it was even cool to write fan fiction. But as the years have passed, the crush has really turned into admiration. I’m super proud of Josh as an individual and the morals he believes in. I love his music, I love his music family, and I love watching his family grow because they’re all an extension of him. It’s not even about the crush anymore. It’s the fact that I follow a man who has a good heart and is just trying to be a good man in this cruel world. And that is definitely something to be proud of in your role models!” Josh Homme made a horrible Queens of the Stone Age hiatus announcement not too long ago.