U2 Singer Bono ‘Attracted’ To Surprising Man


U2 singer Bono, like many other Americans, felt an attraction to the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. User Bongolese on Twitter recently resurfaced a quote U2 frontman Bono made in 1987, revealing why he was attracted to men who historically preached for peace.

“One of the reasons why I’m attracted to Martin Luther King…attracted to Gandhi, one of the reasons for my belief in Jesus Christ…is not because I’m at all like these men, it’s actually the opposite. I was the guy who would not turn the other cheek.”–Bono in ’87 #u2

In other U2 news, fans on Reddit discussed U2′ son’s band, Inhaler, who are releasing their new record in 2020.

One fan noted: “I love Inhaler. They have that retro 80’s rock sound I love. A bit of Echo And The Bunnymen, Joy Division, Psychedelic Furs, early Cure and early U2 all rolled into one. Just my kind of music. Got a ticket to see them on their tour.” A Bono bodyguard recently rejected this U2 fan offer at bar.

Another said: “They are going on tour soon. Really great band. They only have six songs right now, but I’m excited for them to drop an album.”

Some think Eli Hewson sounds a bit too much like Bono: “I think Eli sounds a good bit like Bono. was skeptical at first I like what I’ve heard so far though I was skeptical at first. I am excited to hear an album from them. I don’t think I would be into them yet if I wasn’t a U2 fan, but I think they are on the right track. U2 singer Bono was recently threatened by police at party.

“I first showed Inhaler to my parents who both asked if it was Bono from 1980-1983 who said almost the same thing. They both seemed interested and hope that this will be the next global powerhouse like U2 was/is.” U2 singer Bono disrespected by young model.

Another fan concluded: “There are definitely similarities in the timbre if their voices, but what I find much more interesting is how much of his dad’s style is present in his singing. The way he sings /writes his melodies is pretty similar.

I’m not sold on the music as a whole yet. I think they need to refine the sound and do something more interesting / unique. (timbre, effects, instrumentation)

I can see why people like them now and I feel like they have a lot of potential, but I think the band needs more time to develop.”