AC/DC Icon Unloads On Heartbreaking ‘Drug Meltdown’


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson recently discussed late Pink Floyd icon Syd Barrett having a drug meltdown and quitting the band. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments from AXS TV’s A Life on the Road. Brian Johnson recently reacted to drunk fans throwing bottles at him.

“When Pink Floyd took the show to London’s Queen Elisabeth Hall in May 1967, it was advertised as space age relaxation for the climax of spring with electronic composition, color, and image projection. Phew! The concert was the first in the country to have a complex light show and a quadrophonic sound system. This technology would revolutionize the live rock show.

While the band were experimenting with sound and lighting effects, Syd Barrett’s experiments with LSD and other drugs were making it hard for him to deal with life on the road, and he sadly left Pink Floyd in 1968.”

AC/DC fans are still awaiting news on a 2020 tour, and they’re wondering if Chris Slade or Phil Rudd will be drumming. RNRDamnation posted on ACDCFans.ent, “Lots of new messages, nothing accomplished. My 2 cents on Slade: He was good when he was originally brought into the band and he was good on the ROB tour. Did he play the way that best suited the band? No. Hard no.

What I always asked myself was, if he couldn’t keep up why not just simplify? That’s what made Rudd so good….just stay in time and keep the beat thumpin. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the band when I saw them. Slade gets is credit as he should, despite my views on how he handled his playing. My 2 cents on AC/DC: Do something, I’m giving up on you.”

IanBigMac responded, “Feel the same. Seems like every other band announcing something but fuck all as usual from AC/DC. I’m happy for them to call it quits. Seen em 45 times since 77′ (5 with Bon) so I have very happy memories of the greatest rock n roll band ever. It’s really getting beyond a joke almost to the point of pathetic.” A big name confirmed a 2020 AC/DC tour on Howard Stern last week.