Josh Klinghoffer ‘Asking’ John Frusciante For Reunion Leaks


Red Hot Chili Peppers recently fired Josh Klinghoffer and rehired John Frusciante, a rare quote of Klinghoffer saying he wanted to play with Frusciante again has been revealed by Josh Klinghoffer reacting to rude John Frusciante fans was recently revealed.

Klinghoffer told Metro, “[Relations with Frusciante] are not good and not bad. I would say that there is not much of a relationship at the moment. Between us, at one point, there was a kind of emptiness – he tried to distance himself from the group as much as possible. , and I, on the contrary, had to learn to live in it. We didn’t fight, just that somehow our ways parted. I think one day we will communicate well again. […] Yes [I would like to compose with him again], definitely.”

RG1213 recently posted about John Frusciante’s spirituality on Reddit, ”

When John joined the band for a second time, for a couple years (between maybe 1999 and 2001) in interviews he was extremely open about his spiritual beliefs. He talked frankly and literally about spirits and other experiences he’d been through that many people might view as unusual. It was written in articles that other band members, knowing how it might be taken and how that might effect John, would show a nearly imperceptible awkwardness and then subtly change the subject, which I noticed too.

Based on among other things Johns lyrics, it’s pretty clear that at some point he saw that his raw honesty about these things was in his eyes making him look foolish (In particular ‘A Name’, from Curtains) and I think it hit him really hard.

It makes me sad to think about it, that he had to go through that. It’s something that I greatly admire, when someone is completely transparent in that way, especially knowing that I, and really most people have beliefs about metaphysical things that many would find strange and perhaps ripe for ridicule. Not that I fault him for making the choice to be less candid – I don’t want or think anyone should go through needless pain.” John Frusciante being accused of ‘betraying’ Josh Klinghoffer was detailed last week.