Julian Frampton Band’s “Looking For An Answer” Is A Soaring Treat Kings of Leon Fans Will Love


“It’s in his blood” or “he was born with it”. Common phrases used at times to describe someone who seems so naturally gifted at what they are doing that they simply had to be born with it. And trust me. Having it- in this case, the ability to absolutely rock- coursing through your veins can be more of a disadvantage. A synonym for high can expectations can be phrase, “what separates the men from the boys.” In the case of Julian Frampton- son of legendary guitar hero Peter Frampton, the man has exploded onto the alternative rock scene in a monster way with “Looking for an Answer”- the new single from the Julian Frampton Band.

“Looking for an Answer” projects crispy clean infectious guitars with a penchant for strong hooks and melody and one foot firmly planted in indie rock glory. The melodically rich and layered chorus shows JFB at their most domineering. Guitars sit front and center in the mix but not in the virtuosic way you might expect based on Frampton’s lineage. Flashy, tasty licks are wonderful, and no doubt leave quite the impression on the onlooker but they are not necessary for a great song.


Instead here, the guitars play more like the building blocks of the temple. “Looking for an Answer” is more than simply a song. It is a declaration statement. The hopped-up rhythm section keeps you hanging on throughout, but in its own vibrant pushing, the song really finds its wings. Taking an understated, impassioned route, the song’s fuzzy guitar solo is based purely on emotion- and economy. Each note leads into the next with distinction and clarity. Again, no need for flash. The simpler, venerable approach to his playing carries from the solo section while popping in and out during the last chorus before sending us to the finish line. A beautifully perfected guitar solo that does everything it should while still serving the song and not the guitarist. Brilliant.

Julian Frampton Band hail from Los Angeles that is a must see live act of the area. Fans of Kings of Leon and John Mayer would love this. There is a bright future for JFB. If you’re looking for an answer to the lack of great rock bands nowadays- Julian Frampton Band is just what you need!