Mick Jagger Brutally Insulted By Woman On Television


The Rolling Stones members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards tweeted about the Climate Strike on Friday. They both tweeted, “I stand in support of the global #climatestrike today. We need to do everything we can to protect our planet and humanity. Find out more at https://globalclimatestrike.net.” Mick Jagger was recently spotted with a famous model at a bar.

Fox News host Dagen McDowell took a shot at Jagger on The Five on Friday, saying that all of Jagger’s traveling on planes with the Stones is bad for the environment. Dagen said, “He has the biggest carbon footprint of anybody walking on planet earth.” She added, “He has 8 kids, he’s still procreating.”

LazarusSmith posted on the IORR.org forums, “Ahh, gotcha. If you look at their Twitter feeds right now, they are both getting LIT UP by people who are either bemused or angry about being ‘lectured to’ by ‘pampered jet setting rock stars.’ For example, one guy on Keith’s feed wrote: ‘Your carbon footprint is an ultrasaurus to my dilophosaurus, boomer.'”

Howard Stern recently revealed a ‘dirty’ Mick Jagger secret. Hairball wrote, “Keith’s weed and cigarette smoke alone is enough to alter the climate – who does he think he is?!!!

TheflyingDutchman said, “They can give a good example by stop touring which makes millions of fans stop traveling etc. Just joking, forget it. We are caught in a global economical trap. Reducing pollution won’t save us either. Too many people wanting too much. We’ll see what the globe looks like after another 30 years. By that time I’m gone anyway. Thank God.”

wonderboy said, “I like that young people are rallying. They’re the future and if they learn how to make changes, great. I hate that fear (implanted by their teachers/media) seems to be a motivator. Mick and Keith, whatever. If their kids are encouraging them, that’s cool. But if you’re going to espouse a cause, at least do something to live out your beliefs.” Mick Jagger recently made a tragic announcement.