AC/DC Icon ‘Cover Up’ After Being Caught Revealed


AC/DC fans were recently angry after a supposed Angus Young ‘return’ photo leaked by SoloDallas, who works with Young on gear. Young is rumored to reunite with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams for a new AC/DC album and tour. forum members weighed in on the latest drama, and revealed a ‘canopy’ the band put up to cover up their recording sessions last year in Vancouver after photos surfaced, which made an AC/DC member furious.

CliffFINmark2 posted, “Look let’s all agree to disagree, but pull the plug on this and forgive solodallas and all hail Jem and bonlives. After doing these steps you will all feel normal again.

People are getting moody like on the guns n roses forums circa 2002 when they were graving for some chinese democracy. I was there.

Waiting sucks, but if it happens it happens. Let’s stay upbeat as much as we can.

Spinal Tap once wrote: ‘I know for I told me so, and I am sure that you’ll all agree: The more it stays the same the less it changes. And that’s the Majesty of Rock.’ I will leave you with that. Digest it, a bit cryptic.”

marcinha wrote, “We haven’t invaded shit. Nodoby gives a fuck what is said here or not.”

Briany said, “Er, this forum appears to be a fairly important OG source of news and information regarding AC/DC, judging by the amount of online outlets directly quoting it all the time. Also, the band obviously cared about the fact that photos were being taken if they had that parasol put up.

All I’m saying is that instead of the usual course of events, which is – band announce album recording – excitement – put money aside for album, concert tickets etc. – album release date announced – tour announced, the course of events was band said F all – somebody spotted the band in Vancouver – paparazzi-type photos were taken – excitement – put money aside for album, concert tickets etc. – band continues to say F all – disappointment. So, you can kind of see what’s wrong with the second chain.” The misunderstanding regarding the recent AC/DC tour leak by SoloDallas was recently detailed.