Keith Richards Wife Bends In Stunning Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen bent over in a recent photo with hairstylist Chris McMillan, saying that she was excited to show off her new look to Keith at a concert. Keith Richards’ wife recently took a Paul McCartney ‘love’ photo.

“@mrchrismcmillan rocked my hair today!! Love you chris thanks ❤️off to the show to see my babe @officialkeef.” No more new Stones CD box sets coming, what do you think? I was wondering for the post 1969 stuff especially…

1994 Virgin remasters are long time sold out (as new) and everyone seems to think that 2009 remasters are quite horrible so there are no great cd remasters available as new at all? (except the Japanese sacds of course)

The CD situation is a little bit strange I think. For the pre 1969 stuff, of course, the situation is much better. Do you know what masters are used for this Italian Mondadory Cd Box Set? BTW, is this official box set? Only allowed to sell in Italy?”

Howard Stern revealed a crazy Keith Richards party demand last week. Nick responded, “Virgin remasters can be found on Discogs, eBay, etc in new and used condition. There are even some good deals on those 8 Virgin “1st Collectors Edition” CD’s. The 2nd batch of Japan SACD’s are very good and yes while expensive, a box of those would be extremely pricey also.

I don’t know what quality the Italian Box is but it’s not official and Discogs won’t allow any sales of it.

edit: Someone has commented in Discogs that it is an official Universal France and Abkco but I’d like to see the shiny side with that Universal hologram on it.” Keith Richards’ daughter is ‘in love’ with an old rock icon.