Keith Richards Wife Spotted With Surprising Rock Icon


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen was spotted with her daughter Theodora and Iggy Pop, sharing a photo she took on social media. Keith Richards’ family recently made a bold dementia claim.

Patti Hansen posted, “@theodorarichards Off The Cuff on Sirius XM the spectrum now with @iggypopofficial and Wed at 11pm!! Repost from @theodorarichards using @RepostRegramApp – My #offthecuff show with @iggypopofficial comes out tomorrow night!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I became such a fan girl while we chatted. One of my favorite interviews so far.”

Theodora commented, “Hahaa I love you so much mama.” Patti said, “I love this show!! Proud mom and dad say she’s a dynamite interviewer.”

Keith Richards’ daughter revealed a gross Keanu Reeves photo last week. While The Rolling Stones are quiet as the holidays approach, Bill Wyman had announced a book signing on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

The announcement states, “Bill Wyman will be signing copies of “Stones From the Inside” exclusively for this one night only. The queue will be managed on a first come, first served basis. Each customer is limited to no more than two copies of the book. Due to time constraints it will not be possible for him to sign any memorabilia.”

JLowe responded on the forums, “Despite the time constraints would anybody purchasing like to ask Bill when his Diaries are going to get published? (Or have his Lawyers advised against it). Seriously though, good to see Bill more ‘visible’ these days and hope he gets on stage a bit more, even if it is only for guest slots.”

Captain Teague said, “I do find it a bit annoying that Bill is unwilling to sign memorabilia but is quite happy to milk his Stones legacy again and again.”

24FPS shot back, “Talk to Ringo. Same deal. With so many people out there just wanting autographs to sell on ebay, I don’t blame them. There seems to be 10 of them for every honest fan who just wants one thing signed. And it’s a book signing. Why should they have to buy their copy, stand in line for god knows how long, while other people bring ten copies or more of various LPs and CDs to be signed?” Bill Wyman recently claimed that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger drugged him.