Keith Richards Family Makes ‘Dementia’ Announcement


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards‘ daughter Alexandra, with a share by Keith’s wife Patti Hansen, has made a new social media post about dementia, strokes, and depression. Keith Richards’ family was devastated by a disease killing a The Rolling Stones icon earlier this week.

“Women are now suffering from depression, stroke, and dementia twice as much as men, and an astonishing 70% of Alzheimer’s patients are female. Women’s health issues are at a critical tipping point. More than ever, we need to elevate the discourse and maximize support for our mothers, daughters, sisters, relatives, friends, and spouses. Learning more and raising more awareness about this escalated brain-aging disease in women is extremely important. Taking precautionary steps can help prevent this happening to you. Thank you for having us at last nights dinner for the Women’s Brain Health Initiative 🙏🏼 @womensbrains #StandAhead.”

Keith Richards’ daughter leaked a gross Keanu Reeves photo a few days ago. Kingbeebuzz recently posted on about an obscure song that the Stones have never played live, “I have been wondering why Out Of Time has never been played live by the Stones.

It was a number one hit in 1966 and one of the really outstanding tracks on Aftermath. They have often played Under My Thumb over the years from 1966 onwards and it is a song with similar instruments to Out Of Time.

It also has a great chorus as a ‘sing along song’ which audiences would surely pick up on. The Stones are not averse to ‘sing along’ from audiences, for example, whoo whoo in SFTD and the whoo s in Brown Sugar and the chorus in Ruby Tuesday.

It would be interesting to hear other peoples opinions as to why the Stones have never played this live when it is such a great song and still played on the radio.”

IronBelly responded, “It was in Scorsese want list for Shine A Light. I believe Mick made a comment on that list in the movie. Surely they made wise choice and played a couple of warhorses instead.” Keith Richards called out a The Black Crowes ripoff recently.