Guns N’ Roses Icon Calls Out Eddie Van Halen Disrespect


Original Guns N’ Roses guitarist Tracii Guns called out David Lee Roth for claiming he ‘structure’ Eddie Van Halen‘s guitar solos in a new tweet. A Guns N’ Roses icon leaked a stunning final album photo a few days ago.

“I just heard @DavidLeeRoth taught @eddievanhalen how to structure his solos on the first VH album πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.” He added, “I love comedy.”

Eddie Van Halen has not only had his issues with David Lee Roth, but also with his other former singer, Sammy Hagar. Hagar recently said at the Grammy Museum that he doesn’t want his The Circle guitarist Vic Johnson to play like Eddie on his guitar solos, “[The Space Between] a lyrical album. I thought the lyric was really important, so a solo had to say kind of the same thing that the lyrics meant. It’s not just noodling and showing how fast you can play.

I just thought on we’ve done that so many times. All you’re going to do is get compared to Joe Satriani or Eddie Van Halen. Just think about the song, and if it needs a solo, we’ll put one in, but we don’t need a solo just for a solo. I wanted two-and-a-half, three-minute songs… I didn’t want to have these big, long things. I wanted to get to the point, get you on to the next chapter. Long solos can distract [from] what I was trying to say lyrically. It was kind of selfish, but Vic played some of the greatest little licks and solos and rhythm parts. His tone… Vic is the most underrated guitar player.”

A Van Halen member ‘leaving’ the band was detailed yesterday. Jungle Drummer posted on about Eddie and Sam’s relationship, “Sam guys just love to peddle the whole ‘bromance’ angle, when in reality by the time the OU812 tour had ended, so had that aspect. It’s been said plenty of times before, there were certain reasons the band took an extra year off between OU812 and FUCK, the longest layoff of their careers at that point.”

DFVH5150 said, “Was there really some in-fighting at the turn of the decade? I’ve heard stuff before but never knew if it was true or not (and can’t remember what Sam said in his book since it’s been 8 years since I’ve read it).

I read a long time ago there were some “Dave’s back” rumors around that time. I became a fan shortly after FUCK was released so…

Anyways they seemed like they were still “in love” on that Cabo Wabo Weekend special in ’90. “MTV! MTV!” Eddie Van Halen’s wife made a ‘dementia’ announcement last week.