Kesha Exposed Herself At Foo Fighters Concert


Pop singer Kesha revealed that she haemorrhaged a vocal chord during her performance at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in Los Angeles last week, September 27.

Kesha suffers a damaged vocal chord

Foo Fighters celebrated Taylor Hawkins’ memory and music at a special gig in London on Saturday, September 3rd. Hawkins, the band’s drummer since 1997, died in Bogotá, Colombia on March 25. He was 50 years old. Foo Fighters performed for a couple of hours at Wembley Stadium for a special tribute show for the late band drummer Taylor Hawkins. ‘The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts’ also took place at LA’s Kia Forum on September 27. It was after the show that Cyrus was seen with Motley Crue.

The artist sang a cover of David Bowie’s classic hit “Heroes” with the help of the late drummer’s covers band Chevy Metal. During the performance, Kesha suffered a wardrobe malfunction that prompted her injury, as, she recalled on social media:

“So. in the middle of my wardrobe malfunction I decided to distract everyone from my titties falling out by singing rly. Loud. And today I found out I hemorrhaged one of my vocal chords. Soooo. I’m posting all the pics from the fucking moment bc. This was quite a moment.”

The line-up was also released recently. It included Motley Crue member Tommy Lee. However, one of the singers also missed the show. It has been also noted how welcoming guests included Def Leppard, Dave Chappelle, and more. Fans also witnessed how Def Leppard and Cyrus’ performed the former’s “Photograph,” as well as the band’s version of “Rock of Ages” with the Foo’s Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Chris Shiflett, and Weezer drummer Pat Wilson.

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl might go on a hiatus soon. With the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concerts coming to an end, it turns out there are rumors on the Foo Fighters Reddit that Dave Grohl is likely to take a whole year off for a much-needed rest. But it seems a few musical collaborations might be on the card throughout the year.