KISS Member Calls Out Paul Stanley After Firing


KISS icon Peter Criss took to the time to wish KISS frontman Paul Stanley a happy birthday recently. The KISS lead singer turned sixty-eight years old not too long ago. The blessing comes from the official Peter Criss website where Criss stated: “Happy Birthday, Paul! 1/20/2000. God Bless – Peter.” It looks like the feud is over after Criss’ contract wasn’t renewed over 15 years ago. Gene Simmons allegedly ‘erased’ Peter Criss and ex-KISS members on shirt last year.

Fans over at the KISSFAQ fan forum reacted to the news. TazChris said: ” I just think it is cool when they all just get along. I hope one day they will bury the hatchet for good, and just be friends again. I am sure at some point there was a time when they all enjoyed being together before all the drama. I don’t expect a reunion or anything like that. I just wish before they move on to a better place they are good with each other.”

Peter Criss emotionally unloaded on this KISS replacement back in November. Whereas KISSFace wrote: “Peter himself has set it straight often enough that they were teammates, not friends. They were tight in the original days because, personality differences aside, they were all on the same mission. And that’s when they were at their best together, hungry and doing their their damnedest to make it. No time for drama. (I guess, aside from Peter’s frequent threats to quit if he didn’t have his way. But he did accomplish his stated intentions – Do the KISS thing a few years, make some money and get out.)

The user continued: “It looks better when they can get along, but i think fans have made too much of it over the years. I don’t mind if they don’t love each other as people. They made something greater than any of them could have managed alone and that’s enough. For all the knocks Paul or Gene have against Peter or Ace, they still never fail to give them due credit for creating KISS in the same breath. Ask any of them about the earliest days and it seems to me they’re still in unison.”  KISS revealed this ‘Painful’ Ace Frehley & Peter Criss photo last year.