Kurt Cobain Daughter Jeans Photos Revealed


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain took some tight jeans photos to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and they also took a creepy photo with a man in a Jason costume!

Nirvana fans on Reddit recently discussed if the band is punk. TelephoneShoes posted, “Nirvana wasn’t exactly a punk band in anything beyond ethics and the use of the so-called ‘3 chord song’ formula. They’re firmly a “Pop-Rock” band. Punk rock has a distinctly more ‘harsh’ and ‘abrasive’ tone (much much more in the high range of the EQ spectrum) than anything Nirvana came close to (outside of the literal cassette tapes they used). Pop rock, while not a genre, is geared more in writing harmonies and melodies into both the vocals and music, with a much more ‘refined’ use of EQ.

Rock in and of itself is an always evolving definition of sound. Kurt may have loved punk rock but the Beatles play a FAR bigger role in Nirvana’s song sound than anything like black flag or the clash. Then again, music (and all art) is subjective in more than one way.”

Green Day revealed a painful Kurt Cobain bar cover video a few days ago. Divineswan commented, “ARE there any genres of Punk? Can you be a punk band in the 1990’s considering punk ended in about 77/78 (in the uk at least).”

JGar453 wrote, “They are punkish in spirit but not punk in music style although punk has a loose sound.”

Eatelectricity chimed in, “I definitely agree that punk has pretty broad definitions, but songs like Downer, Territorial Pissings, Tourettes, Very Ape, Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, and many more probably fit most people’s description of punk rock.”

M1sel_ concluded, “Yes they do fit that definition but just because an artist has certain types of songs in there discography does not mean they are that type of band.” Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante dropped a Kurt Cobain bombshell in a story last week.