Green Day Singer Reveals Surprising Tour Replacement


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong weighed in on one of rock’s most famous singer replacements in a new social media post. Armstrong appears to be a fan of Sammy Hagar replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen, telling Hagar recently on social media that he found the Van Hagar show he saw ‘rad.’

“So rad! Saw you at the cow palace on 5150! 🔥 🦄.” He also discussed replacement touring member Jason White, who was touring guitarist before being named a full fledged member in 2012, and then being demoted back to a touring member in 2016. He said, “We love you Jason ! Happiest of bdays!”

Howard Stern revealed if Green Day really hates Weezer a few days ago. Bucking_Fitch posted on Reddit recently about an improvised Billie Joe Armstrong guitar solo, “I’ve been searching everywhere for guitar tabs of Billie Joe’s second solo after the first solo of American Idiot that is heard in every live concert they had post-Revolution Radio (kinda). I always wanted to learn that part ’cause it always sounded so cool to hear it. Do you guys have any ideas where I can find it?”

Stupidtyonparade responded, “He’s just riffing, it’s nothing written. if you like the one on the live album, learn it by ear.”

Ahoychoy commented, “If you can’t find a good one on the internet you’re gonna have to learn it by ear. Not sure what your skills are like when it comes to transcribing, but his riffs and solos are actually fairly simple. Might be some tricky finger work, but if you slow the song down, and put the treble up a little, you should be able to mostly pick it out on your guitar.

There isn’t any tabs or anything that are close at all that you could use as a reference?”

Dippinthosechips chimed in, “It’s a simple arpeggio and then a bunch of pentatonic blues riffing. I doubt there’s a tab for it, but I’d just google those two techniques and try to piece it together by listening.” A Green Day member’s emotional goodbye letter surfaced last week.