Tool Concert ‘Ejection’ Threat Caught On Camera


A Tool fan revealed that they were nearly ejected before a concert even started because they took a photo of a fern inside the venue. Maynard James Keenan has had a busy week, as he was spotted with a Game of Thrones actress in a new photo.

Nexnexn wrote on the Tool Reddit, “Almost got kicked out!!! Goddam Fern!!! Security didn’t like me takin a pic, but was allowed in the end.” Wombatdonkey commented, “They almost kicked you out with the house lights on, before the show, taking a photo of a houseplant? Those are some fascist security guards up in Bahston.” Nexnexn responded, “Yea, she was on my ass. She said NO PRODUCTION CAN BE PHOTOGRAPHED. I calmly explained to her the Fern. She liked it. Said” I won’t make you delete it”. Thanks. Just let me stay.”

Tool are rumored to be working with surprising producers on a new release. Tool fans recently demanded that the band play “Descending” at every show on Reddit. ihavesomegoo said, “Dear Tool, PLEASE stop rotating Descending and just keep it in the set I know this post is unnecessary but I’m seeing them on Saturday in NJ and if the pattern holds, I won’t get Descending. To me Descending is the best song on FI and one of the best songs they’ve ever written, I can’t see why it’s one of the songs they switch out!

I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience either way but I don’t know if I’ll be able to suppress the disappointment of not seeing Descending when they are in fact playing it at some shows. See you guys on Saturday!” ESauls responded, “Ya, it’d be one thing if they were playing completely different sets every night and every show the fans got to see something unique and special… but to put it on rotation is just… dick. But as many have commented on this sub – dudes don’t give a f***.” Tool banned ‘crowd surfing’ and ‘moshing’ at a recent concert.

Almost got kicked out!!! Goddam Fern!!! Security didn’t like me takin a pic, but was allowed in the end. from r/ToolBand