Greta Van Fleet Singer Disrespected With Young Women


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka is back on the road after numerous health issues canceled and postponed multiple shows, and he was photographed with beautiful women after a show in England, but unfortunately a rude man disrespected them by photobombing.

phantasmagoricalarmy said, “Some fans had the unique opportunity to greet Josh and take a picture with him, such as these two lucky ladies in Dublin. Congrats to them!”

gvf_arg also wrote, “Josh last night with a fan that went to Leeds from Italy!Josh anoche con una fan que fue a Leeds desde Italia.”

Fans also discussed meeting the band on Reddit. slashba98 posted, “Hi I’m going seeing them in Dublin on Monday and was wondering what they are like to meet in person and how are they towards fans? For their Dublin gig they are playing the Olympia Theatre and thats designed in such a way that theres one exit/entrance for acts and its on a public road so you can easily stand outside and wait for acts to arrive and have an encounter with them, I’ve gotten lucky before and gotten stuff signed, photos etc from previous acts I’ve seen there.

So do you think that if I wait for them either before or after the gig they will be nice enough towards me, I’m a massive fan and usually only ask acts to sign my ticket cause I don’t see any reason to get them to sign stuff just to sell it. I know some acts don’t interact with fans so I’m just asking here so i know before hand if they are ok with it or not so i wont be disappointed. Thanks.”

Howard Stern called out a horrible Greta Van Fleet ripoff a few days ago. Stickytac2000 responded, “I met them in a record store about a year and a half ago. They were really nice guys and they signed my record and whatnot. We chatted for a few minutes and then left.”

alrakkkk chimed in, “When I met them they were absolutely lovely! In my experience, I feel as if Danny is the one that usually talks to you more like tries to hold conversation longer than any of the other boys. The other boys kinda just wanted to get in and get out (at least that’s what happened to me) but also Sammy was sweet enough to sign the set list I managed to get without me asking him to and then he passed it around to the other boys. Overall, it was a great experience! Hope you’re able to meet them! Have fun!” Greta Van Fleet recently revealed if they need a hiatus.