Kurt Cobain Widow Makes Disturbing AIDS Claim


Late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love has accused a dangerous drug from Purdue Pharma of killing more people than AIDS. A Tool member recently made a ‘junkie’ Kurt Cobain remark.

Love quoted an unnamed article that stated, “The pill – which is stronger than morphine – now finds itself at the center of an opioid addiction epidemic that is thought to be killing more than 100 Americans a day. More than 47,000 people died from overdoses involving opioids in 2017 – more than AIDS killed at the peak of its own epidemic and more than auto accidents kill annually.” Love captioned the quote, “Death toll since 00 , 391,000 deaths .. 💀💀💀#purduepharma #sacklerfamilydrugcartel #oxyoverdose 💀💀😢😢😢🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.”

She has also shared a headline that says ‘Patricia Arquette’s Emmys bag was by Purdue Pharma heiress Joss Sackler.’ She has tied in the opioid epidemic to Kurt Cobain’s drug addiction and ultimate death by suicide as well in recent social media attacks on the Sacklers.

She wrote, “Ugh . So sad. Wiping out the values of a great woman with one sneaky assed bunch of money to @tukeconsulting @annabelleharron etc or influence peddling, or whatever it was . Disgusting.”

Frances Bean Cobain revealed a ‘sickness’ video a few days ago. upstategrrrl commented, “I wouldn’t consider PA a style influencer so if she’s the top they could get, they’re already sunk.” Love responded, “@upstategrrrl she was I believe targeted with precision.”

Love later posted, “@lbv_club oh my god! @josssackler “bulldog wine private club! With a BASQUIAT T SHIRT ON! Coz.. oh my god .. he died of heroin, OxyContin wasn’t around yet! Like buying the @museelouvre or @metmuseum ( who had the grace to refuse #sacklerfamilyterrorists money) she bought or @tukeconsulting peddled influence , re #Patriciaarquette at emmys . .. wow. The basquiat t shirt..ugh the whole thing .. you do it . I’m 🤑☠️🔥🔥sad. All the dead ‘junkies.'”

moni_kando commented, “Do you really think that she have enough culture to know who Basquiat is?! She probably have it because it’s expensive 😒😒😒😒.”

Love responded, “@moni_kando I don’t know her art collection. Matt Mellon was a huge republican friend of mine who had basquiats .. but he had a reason to connect . He told the New York post he was on ’80 OxyContin’ a day . Crazy. He’s dead of opiates now. Couldn’t shake it.”

nmrohr commented, “I’m genuinely curious, how does this effect chronic pain sufferers? Or is this about them peddling an addictive drug?”

Love responded, “@nmrohr it very deeply is.”