Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Debuts New 2019 Hairstyle


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has unveiled her new hairstyle for 2019 in a new Instagram post. She wrote, “??? 2019 the year of balance ⚖️ and big hair.”

Courtney Love commented that she loved the hairstyle. Frances Bean Cobain has become a fashion trendsetter, modeling for Marc Jacobs in 2017.

In keeping with the theme of authenticity, the ads, shot by David Sims, stand in sharp contrast to the psychedelic looks seen on the runway. “The fashion show itself was so colorful, but it was the complete opposite of what we ended up doing on the set,” says Cobain in a Vogue interview.. “The shoot had a very organic feel—all the makeup was my own. We used the lipstick from right out of my purse, and no one did anything to my hair. They just put me in the clothes.” She bonded with Sims behind the scenes over a book about Marjorie Cameron and the on-set music selection and says the atmosphere put her at ease. “I have so much respect for David; he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He and Marc created an environment in which I felt like I was thriving and enjoying myself.”

The fact that designers like Jacobs are willing to trust in Cobain’s perspective speaks to her status as a tastemaker, but she’s far from fussy where clothes are concerned. “I honestly don’t care very much. I’m a black jeans, vintage T-shirt, boots girl. That is my daily uniform,” she says. “I can appreciate fashion without having to let it consume me or [feeling the need] to be part of that world. In my personal life, I’m just lazy about it.”