Mick Jagger Leaves Stunning Tip At Restaurant


Before The Rolling Stones show in Denver over the weekend, Mick Jagger ate homemade pasta and fish at the Italian restaurant Lo Stella Ristorante. The Rolling Stones revealed a ‘sickness’ photo backstage in Denver.

The restaurant’s owner Allesandro Polo said, “I guess he wanted to have some good pasta. He enjoyed it a lot. He was very, very nice, and he left me a gift.”

“I’m very honored because of course I’m a big fan. Who isn’t?”

Jagger entered through the backdoor after his bodyguards checked out the restaurant, and he actually was there celebrating one of his bodyguards’ birthday.

Polo revealed, “They said Mick Jagger flew the bodyguard’s family out to have dinner with him for his birthday. I thought that was cool.”

As part of his tip, Jagger left a guitar pick, a prized possession Lo Stella Ristorante will hold onto for years to come. Mick Jagger was filmed screaming at a famous impersonator earlier this month. Polo spoke to Denver Post about the experience.

Gaetzi wrote on IORR.org about the Denver performance, “Granted it was my first pit experience (being close to the band and amazing sound doesn’t hurt) but I was blown away by the show Saturday night. I’ve been seeing the band since 2007 and I’ve never heard them tighter, cleaner and more focused. Keith was super focused, his solos were spot on. I can’t recall the song but at one point I assumed it was Ronnie soling but it was in fact Keith.

It was the only show I’ve seen this tour but I’ve probably talked to 30 people who attended and every single person said the same thing.. Granted half of them had never seen the Stones but they all went in expecting a pretty good show considering their age and left blown away by how good they were. Charlie Watts is a machine! Guy still has the best posture and most steady beat in rock. And it seems like Ronnie is getting younger. He was all over the place and his playing was on point. I loved every second, The Rolling Stones are still the world’s greatest rock and roll band.

And random aside, there were some real dark storm clouds looming when we got to the stadium but the storm never hit and the weather was absolutely beautiful. A perfect summer night for a concert.” Howard Stern revealed a brutal Mick Jagger secret a few weeks ago.