Led Zeppelin Icon Reveals Bad Health Scare: ‘It’s Over’


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant recently revealed to Dan Rather that in the past, he had a health scare where he was told his singing career was over, and that he wouldn’t even be able to speak. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. Plant revealed what he smoked with Jimmy Page yesterday.

“One time I went to see a voice specialist in London on Harley street. He was pretty highbrow, he had a desk with a little button underneath, so if you hit the button and the curtains all closed around you. He had a dish on his head, and he put a camera down my throat and he said: ‘In six months time, your voice won’t even be able to show signs of surprise. It’s over.’ That was 28 years ago. The number of times you think you’ve had it, you think it’s gone. There’s a certain number of singers who were so hard on themselves, it’s lost forever.”

Robert Plant revealed last week why he hates playing “Stairway to Heaven.” Jimmy Page posted on his social media yesterday, “On this day in 2018, I was at The @nationalportraitgallery in London celebrating the completion of the official 50th anniversary book ‘Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin’ published @reelartpress.”

Page also reflected, “On this day in 1984, Long Black Cadillac was recorded for The Firm’s second album, Mean Business. I wrote this with @paulrodgersofficial. @chrissladedrums and @fretlessmonster provided great back-up on drums and bass. It was done in one take.” Jimmy Page unloaded on an awful Eric Clapton insult earlier this week.