Led Zeppelin Icon’s Privates Described By Famous Actor


Joe Rogan recently interviewed Bryan Callen on his show, and they discussed Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Callen: He apparently was wearing the blouse or dresses, or t-shirts that the girl he had the night before had worn.

Rogan: That’s what he would wear on stage?

Callen: That’s what I heard.

Rogan: He probably fucked his way through the planet.

Callen: Bring up his shirts, he always wore girls shirts that were too small for him.

Rogan: You could always see his hog in his pants. He always had his hog pressed to the side.

Callen: Every heavy metal band in the Eighties – Poison, Motley Crue, you name it, they all had a blonde lead singer with a high pitched voice. That’s because their hero is Mr. Robert Plant.

[Jamie the producer pulls up a suggestive picture of Plant.]

Callen: There he is wearing a girl’s shirt.

Rogan: That’s amazing. That shirt barely fits him.

Callen: Damn right.

Rogan: What a crazy life that guy led. I don’t think any of us will be able to understand, even if you became the new Led Zeppelin you would never understand what it’s like to be Led Zeppelin.

Callen: In the Seventies?

Rogan: In the Seventies.

Callen: What!

Rogan: Like, imagine if you today became the next big rock band…

Callen: It doesn’t matter there are too many people watching you.

Rogan: Well it’s not just that, there are too many people watching you and there’s a lot of you. You gotta think back to when Robert Plant was Robert Plant.

Callen: You were royalty, you were literally like a king.

Rogan: Yeah you had The Who, The Rolling Stones, you had Elton John. You had people, you had people but maybe you had thirty, thirty big name artists. Maybe…

Callen: Maybe.

Rogan: Maybe one hundred. Let’s get crazy and say it’s a hundred.

Callen: You got Pink Floyd, you got The Who, The Beatles obviously…

Rogan: AC/DC. Yeah, you got a whole lot of shit, you got a lot going on back then, you know?