Led Zeppelin ‘Insane’ Reunion Money Bombshell Leaks


Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had a mini Led Zeppelin reunion in the 90’s for a series of ‘Page and Plant’ tours and a famous MTV Unplugged performance and ‘Unledded’ album. The only complete new studio album that they recorded though was their 1998 reunion record Walking into Clarksdale, and it was produced by Steve Albini, who said it was ‘insane’ what they could pull off financially on the album with all of the money they spent on it.

Page and Plant ended their collaboration after the tour for the album concluded, reuniting for one more show in 2001 and doing a one off Led Zeppelin reunion show in 2007. Alternative Nation transcribed Albini’s comments from the Porcupine documentary. Robert Plant was called a ‘jerk’ by an A-list television star earlier this week.

Steve Albini: It’s fucking insane what they can pull off, just having infinite money at your disposal makes life really great. So I mean, it was great and the whole experience was really great.

However, it was clear from the beginning really clear that they made all the artistic decisions and ran the band and I was just sort of the technical help in that but I was happy to do it. You know, it’s the experience.

Interviewer: Did you mix the record for them?

Steve Albini: Yeah and you know, everything, I mean everything about the experience was great on my end. There are better records in the world, that’s not certainly here or there but the experience was great.

Robert Plant celebrated his 71st birthday earlier this week, and Howard Stern recently unloaded on a Robert Plant and Greta Van Fleet cancelation.