Mark Hoppus Announces Blink-182 Will Tour


Mark Hoppus has indicated that Blink-182 do intend to tour as a followup to his response to reports that an announcement was coming on August 1st were false. This means a tour with Tom DeLonge is still possible. A fan posted on the Blink-182 Brasil Facebook group:

Finally it has been confirmed….

… which has no ad!

For days, months, there were rumors about a possible reunion of the 2 ‘band formation, that’s because Tom changed his Instagram Bio (which is not news at all to those who follow him, as we all know that when he’s about to release something, be it album/l drunk/movie/merchandising he uses the name from his old band to hype); Mark posted pic of the 3, from the EOS era; Travis posted another pic from an old show and Skiba responded to a fan who didn’t know if he was in the band or not, but would be grateful for all those years of band, in case it were no more.

All this was reason for fans to start assembling their theories, and look, I’ve never seen such a “conspiracy theory” Fan base than this one. Enough to be crazy.

Well the big day has arrived 30 years of the band. R.I.P. “Big things are coming… “, many are waiting for Tom’s return and… won more band merch to shop

Riot fans found Mark online on Discord and expressed their feelings, as can be read in the photos below, and Mark responded to them:

“No news to share There is no ad. Today is the 30th anniversary of Blink-182”.

Then the broth turned sour

Fans questioned why posting photos together, that that, the act of posting photos together, at the same time, was a big thing. Asking the guy to explain himself
Mark replied, saying “The big announcement was Tom posting a photo of us three in 1999? People here mad at me now? ”

One of the fans, in turn, reported that some radio/tabloid announced about the return – “She (radio) said that the band was back, that we would just need to wait for confirmation. ”
Mark fired his gun and replied:

“IF and WHEN Blink has an announcement about anything, you’ll know here or from the band’s official profiles.” Not speculated on a radio station like “Tune in for the big announcement… Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.”

Some fans accused Tom of deceiving them, posting things, putting his former band in the Bio of their networks, making certain promises in “between the lines” and called Mark “greasy”, which would be something like “smooth”, those who run away from questions are never concr This is in your answers, things that politicians do, you know?
Mark didn’t like that at all, even though he didn’t respond to Matt and his comment almost a month ago about his status in the band.

In the end, Mark said: “… We will be doing tours again, when they are booked and confirmed we will announce them.”