James Hetfield ‘Rejects’ Ex-Metallica Bassist Reunion


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney shot down any hopes of him having any connection to James Hetfield at all when he answered a Metallica superfan who asked if the two have any contact. McGovney very blunted responded: “No.” Metallica bassist reacts to James Hetfield ‘quitting’.

In other news regarding James Hetfield and Metallica, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of James Hetfield and Metallica’s most controversial albums – ‘St. Anger.’ One fan reviewed: ” I’m not gonna sit here like everyone else and dissects every song one by one and pretends I’m a writer for Rolling Stone. I will say that I’ve been a Metallica fan for over 20 years and I admit I sweat them hard. That being said, I stayed away from this one until today and I must say I’m glad I waited because now I have new Metallica. It’s as hard as anything they’ve done, just different. Tell me “fans”, would you rather have your favorite band evolve and grow musically or just do the same thing for a whole career like AC/DC? ALL their music sounds the same, no growth, just mindless refreshment of the same thing to mindless fans. I like to grow with my music and appreciate it when bands I really enjoy do the same. And besides, when you get older you really think these guys wanna play stuff as fast as Battery every night? Hell NO! Anyway, listen to St. Anger and form your own opinion instead of listening to everyone else, and expand your mind. This is great heavy, sometimes fast, ANGRY metal from the greatest metal band ever.” Metallica icon leaks horrible James Hetfield ‘relapse’ photo.

While another reviewed: ” I’m not terribly interested in arguing with everyone who doesn’t like the sound of the record or those who think the boys are past it. I think you are all wrong. Utterly wrong. I’ve been a devoted fan for decades now. I love the old stuff and the new stuff, and I think St. Anger is their best record yet. It sounds more powerful and furious than anything they’ve created, but in the midst of it’s raging and destroying, there’s an almost playful positivity – this is a confident beast romping and stomping over the musical hillside. Also, if you pay attention, you’ll not only hear their thrash roots but also how their hard rock and country experiments are incorporated into the mix. It’s a gorgeous synthesis. If you aren’t digging this record, if you are not banging your head, too bad – I think you’re missing out. If you are resisting the power and beauty and fun of this record because you need Metallica to conform to a narrow vision you have of them, then that’s even sadder. No worries! We’ll do just fine!” Metallica confirm James Hetfield ‘hiatus’ after rehab.