Maynard James Keenan ‘Angers’ Tool Fans At Concert

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Tool singer Maynard James Keenan angered some fans and made others laugh after a recent remark poking fun at Nashville at one of their ‘Fear Inoculum’ tour shows. Maynard James Keenan ‘losing’ his voice at a recent Tool show was also revealed.

Kyhikingguy posted on Reddit, “Nashville!! Not Louisville! Subtle reference to Maynard’s dig at the beginning of the concert. Too many highlights. Jambi was other level. Pneuma was incredible. Invincible was goose bump inducing. Awesome show. Not awesome that I spent 30 bucks on beer.”

D0gbals commented, “Louisville guy at show tonite – did that comment have any background?”

Kyhikingguy responded, “It’s Maynard. Who really knows. I think he said, ‘Nashville, sounds like Louisville.’ Not a dig, he saved that for Ohio lol.”

vVv-ThirdEye-vVv said, “I’ve seen him do something similar in the past in Kansas City.

Maynard: Kansas City

Crowd: (cheers, but not crazy loud cheers)

Maynard: Sounds like St. Louis (exploiting the rivalry between the cities to fire up the crowd)

Maynard again: Kansas City

Crowd: (goes crazy cheering and yelling)

I’m not sure if the same kind of enmity exists between Nashville and Louisville for that to really have any impact though. I lived in Louisville for 3 years and never picked up on any kind of rivalry with Nashville.”

Wrdw0rk wrote about a recent show in Atlanta, “It was my first Tool concert and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit I was hesitant about going as I wasn’t sure what the crowd would be like, would the visuals be extra creepy etc. I’m glad I went. Lots of cool people, and a fantastic performance. I guess my one takeaway is that if I ever make it to another Tool concert I want to make sure I snag a seat that’s a lot closer than what I had, since I could barely see the guys.

I will say that seeing them live is a lot different from listening to the albums. It was hard for me to hear the guitar/bass very much (at least to where I could listen to the little details you can catch while listening at home), and a lot of times I couldn’t make out the words that Maynard was singing. However, that did make Danny stand out all the more, and he really was the star performer for me last night. Such an amazing drummer.

With regards to the opener, I didn’t like it at all and actually stepped outside until he was done. Really just sounded like a bunch of noise to me, but it may just not be my type of music. Overall I had a great experience, and would do it again. So glad I went.” A Tool member ‘struggling’ at a recent show was just revealed.