Pink Floyd Wife Makes David Gilmour ‘Sickness’ Claim


David Gilmour‘s wife the unparalleled Polly Samson recently took to social media via Twitter to offer off her thoughts on the timely Coronavirus that is tragically sweeping the nation. Samson stated: “I don’t mind small children with colds because the viruses they pick up are most likely the most common ones to which the rest of us already have immunity.” Roger Waters claims David Gilmour ‘banned’ from Pink Floyd.

In other news regarding David Gilmour, fans recently took to the Pink Floyd subreddit to discuss Gilmour’s body of solo work. Dead_Poets wrote: “I only have his first two solo albums. “David Gilmour” is okay but overall not very memorable to me. “There’s No Way Out Of Here”, “Short And Sweet”, and “No Way” are my favorites. I’m one of the minorities who think “About Face” is a great album. It’s deeper and richer than his first effort. Every song is a stand-out. “All Lovers Are Deranged” and “Murder” features some especially bone-crunching guitar work.” David Gilmour’s wife ‘begs’ for Roger Waters reunion.

While fellow Reddit user whichonespinkterran said: “It’s all very different to Pink Floyd. On An Island is quite laid back but also has some killer solos, not to mention some fun jam tunes. Rattle that Lock is more bluesy and jammy than Island in general though, don’t know About Face, haven’t listened to it.” In which meniinem replied: “I wouldn’t say very different to Pink Floyd as a whole. On an island sounds quite similar to post-waters Floyd to me at least.” To which the fellow Reddit user responded back: “Nah, the chord sequences and song structure is a lot more folky, verses with turn arounds rather than choruses. Like, if every post waters song was poles apart, then you’d be right, but most post Waters material is distinctly more pop than anything else.” David Gilmour’s family reveals this ‘tragic letter’ to fans.