System of a Down Member Joins Tool At Concert


System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian joined Tool backstage at their concert in Los Angeles a few days ago. System of a Down fans have been waiting even longer than Tool for a new album, as the band haven’t released a new album since 2005 despite numerous attempts since their 2011 reunion. A Slipknot member revealed an insane System of a Down secret last month.

markcis96 wrote about the show on Reddit, “First off, both shows were completely incredible. The first LA show was my first Tool show, and I was just floored. Sound and visuals were stunning! People were singing, dancing, and rockin out. It was just an overall amazing experience.

I got the VIP experience for the second LA show. I got there about 1 and I was probably 40th in line. Around 215 they started to hand out the waiver. About 230 we checked in, got out ticket which I got Floor 3 Row 1 Seat 4. Also giving us the jackets and backpacks. Which security had to check while we walked into the bar. We waited around in a bar for a while where we heard them play Part of Me with Maynard. Maynard James Keenan revealed the bold truth about Radiohead yesterday.

Then they allowed us to go into the Merch stores where we got shirts or posters (which they only had 100 there. While there was about 150 people for VIP) Once we were done we sat down back at the bar where we started. We waited there until about 5 then they told us not to clap or shout or anything during the soundcheck.

So we walked in and sat down while the guys were playing stuff. A couple of minutes in they performed Fear Inoculum which sounded so awesome with an empty arena. We took a group picture with I believe just Danny. After that they walked us to the Lexus Club room where they had actually pretty decent beef, chicken, rice, and beans so you can make tacos. They also had fruit with Tajin on it, cookies, popcorn, water, and lemonade. I’m not sure if alcohol was included but there was the bar. Once the doors open for the public you are free to do what you wish.

We waited there until 730ish then we had to leave the room cause the show was gonna start. Me and a group of people waited outside the section where we walk in because we did not like Killing Joke the first time we saw them the day before. We sat down and watched the most epic show I have ever witnessed. In my opinion, the VIP was worth it. I would do it again. And whoever was at the show I hope you enjoyed it as well.” Tool recently made a ‘terrifying’ Maynard James Keenan revelation.

Shavo (bassist of SOAD) with the boys from r/ToolBand