Tool Make Terrifying Maynard James Keenan Revelation


Tool bassist Justin Chancellor discussed getting stage fright in a new Bass Player interview. Tool made a horrible cancelation announcement a few days ago.

“We did two weeks in America before we went to Europe, and the first show was a massive festival. It was the Sunday night, the end of the festival, and we were playing two new songs that we’d never played ever before.

We’d only ever played them twice with Maynard in rehearsal, so that was pretty terrifying, to completely give up and surrender and be completely vulnerable with everyone staring at us through this long, protracted intro.

A creepy Maynard James Keenan dressing room photo was recently revealed. Chancellor added, “It was terrifying, really. But if you don’t take it seriously and you don’t think of the enormity of what’s about to go down, then you might get caught with your pants down. You could be taken by surprise, or your muscles might seize up because you’re not really prepared. You have to take all that into consideration, and appreciate the moment.”

Tool’s VIP tour packages were recently criticized by fans. SuccessfulJelly posted on Reddit, “I checked back over the listing for this and prior tours. In 2015 it said there would be a Q&A with Adam, with an asterisk that Adam was subject to change with another band member. For this tour they said there is no “guaranteed” meet & greet- to normal people that would suggest they will TRY for one each date but it might not happen. Since there is the group photo as well you’d think they could just stick around a little longer to chat.”

Tool saying ‘goodbye’ was recently revealed. Jelly added, “If they weren’t planning on doing any meet & greets they should have just said that or not mentioned it at all. Similarly, it’s clear from reading this forum that MJK never does any of these events or the soundcheck, but would have been also nice to at least mention that in the listing for people who don’t already know (instead of just saying the group photo will only include “some” band members, and not clarifying only post-MJK soundcheck).”

TheJobenLachrymologist responded, “Exactly. Idk. Love the band, obviously have given them a large amount of my money by attending VIP and the clinics last year and have no regrets. But some of their dealings are becoming increasingly shady.”

You can read the full Justin Chancellor interview at Music Radar.